About Datta Queensland


DATTA Qld is the latest name for an organisation that has operated since 1963. Originally the Queensland Manual Arts Teachers Association, QMATA supported Queensland Manual Arts teachers from 1963 to 1994 when the association changed names to become INTAD, Industrial Technology and Design Teachers’ Association. The association changed its name again in 2015 to become the Design and Technology Teachers’ Association of Queensland Inc. (DATTA Qld). These changes have been reflective of the complex and evolving nature of our curriculum area.

Having a common name for all Design and Technology teachers and their professional associations allows for greater public recognition of the work we do, as well as more productive relationships with industry, government and organisations.

DATTA Qld is affiliated with:

  • various other educational associations
  • Design and Technology partner associations in other Australian states and territories
  • and our national body the Design And Technology Teachers’ Association of Australia.

DATTA Qld sends representatives to DATTA Australia meetings and events to keep up to date with changes in Design and Technology education and also strives to promote cross-curricular liaison by coordinating with the Joint Council of Queensland Teaching Associations.

DATTA Qld is dedicated to the development of Design and Technology education in Queensland schools and includes financial members from across the state, in all sectors of education; primary, secondary and tertiary. The association is not for profit and managed by teacher volunteers, with elections to the state executive annually.


Design and Technology Teachers’ Association Queensland (DATTA Qld) exists to serve our members by providing professional development and networking to support the delivery of high-quality, evidence-based pedagogy, and curriculum-aligned teaching and learning.

DATTA Qld advocates for the Design and Technology teaching profession and design technology education with government bodies, industry and tertiary institutions.


Empowering the Design and Technology teaching profession to deliver quality education and to equip students with 21st century skills for current and emerging careers




Committed to serving our members in our endeavours.



Upholding the highest standards of respect and fairness.



Fostering engaging and stimulating learning experiences whilst embracing change.

DATTA Qld Committee

The Design and Technology Teachers’ Association of Queensland (DATTA Qld) is led by a dedicated committee of experienced educators who are passionate about promoting and supporting excellence in Design and Technology education across the state.

The committee comprises Mark McMullin as the President, Carol-Anne Dukin as the Secretary, and James Lansbury as the Treasurer. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained through decades of combined experience in teaching, curriculum development, and leadership roles within the Design and Technology field.

Mark McMullin


Carol-Anne Durkin


James Lansbury


Join the DATTA Qld Committee

Being part of the DATTA Qld committee offers numerous rewarding opportunities for passionate Design and Technology educators. Committee members gain invaluable networking connections and the chance to collaborate with like-minded professionals from across the state. The committee plays a vital role in advocating for teachers’ needs and promoting professional development initiatives. Additionally, members have the chance to contribute their expertise, ideas, and leadership to support teaching excellence in Design and Technology.

Those interested in joining this dynamic team and making a meaningful impact on the future of the profession are encouraged to express their interest by emailing secretary@dattaqld.org.au. This is an excellent way to further your professional growth, expand your horizons, and be a driving force in the Design and Technology education community.