Program - Design And Technology Teacher Association QLD

Keynote speakers


Rashan Senanayake

Rashan is an author, speaker, educator and designer as well as the CEO and founder of Inspired Education Australia and the Founder and Design Director for Inspired Design Australia.

After completing his Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Design with first-class honours from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Rashan chose to leave conventional practice to pursue a mulititude of business ventures in a variety of fields such as education, design, consulting, and Fibre operations.

Rashan’s credibility in the education sector is renowned – as an academic teaching Architecture and lecturing Design Thinking at QUT and as an Associate Fellow recognised by the High Education Academy, he is also honoured to be the youngest board member of the Australian Green Development Forum.

With a future thinking entrepreneurial mindset, drive to make a real difference and flair for understanding design and education, Rashan is a unique leader in his field and a true believer in becoming the architect of your own future.