Discover a fulfilling path as a Design and Technology teacher in Australia. This extensive guide provides an  overview of the teacher training programs offered across each state, arming you with the essential skills to inspire and nurture the next generation of innovators.

You will also find a comprehensive list of teacher scholarships, designed to alleviate financial barriers and promote an inclusive educational landscape accessible to all aspiring educators.

Trade to Teach Internship Program

The Trade to Teach Internship Program program provides a supported pathway into teaching for tradespeople who want to become Industrial Technology and Design (ITD) teachers.

James Cook University QLD

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Griffith University

CQ University

QLD Teaching Scholarships and Funding Opportunities:

Swinburne University (Post Graduate)

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ITD and FTD teaching areas in the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at JCU

Industrial Technologies & Design and Food Technologies & Design at JCU

This year, Education at James Cook University has introduced new teaching areas to the Bachelor of Education (Secondary): Industrial Technologies I Design (ITD), and Food Technologies & Design (FTD). As well as the regular pathways into the degree, there are industry-entry options for qualified and experienced tradespeople.

Industry-entry pathway

Qualified and experienced tradespeople can gain the equivalent of 1-year of credit towards a 4-year B.Ed. The industry entry ITD or FTD teaching areas are paired with a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Specialisation, so that graduates are qualified to teach subjects in Years 7-12, including VET qualifications offered in schools.

Credit for the ITD/FTD–VET Specialisation is granted for a relevant trade qualification plus a minimum of three years of relevant industry experience (post training), and a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. The Cert. IV TAE is not required as a pre-requisite to the degree, but it must be completed as a requirement to graduate. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Most units can be completed online in the industry-entry pathway, to enable greater flexibility. Some on-campus learning takes place in Townsville or Cairns.

Regular pathway (for school-leavers and tradespeople without industry experience)

A pathway is also available for school-leavers and tradespeople without industry experience, who are interested in teaching ITD or FTD. These options qualify graduates to teach relevant subjects in Years 7-12, including General and Applied subjects in senior secondary.

ITD is available as a first teaching area that can be paired with a second teaching area of interest from the Course Handbook. For example, ITD–Digital Technologies; ITD–Business. 12CP of credit (4 units of study) is available for a relevant trade qualification (Apprenticeship and Trade Certificate III) in Fitting and Turning/Machining, Metals Engineering, Carpentry, Joinery, or related areas. 3CP of credit (one unit of study) is available a relevant VET qualification (e.g., Cert. I in Construction; Cert. II in Construction Pathways; Cert. II in Engineering Pathways; Cert. II in Furniture Making Pathways).

FTD is available as a second teaching area that can be paired with a first teaching area of interest. For example, Business–FTD; Biology–FTD. The second teaching area includes four FTD  units, offered by way of cross-institutional study via USQ.

Study is completed via a blended mode, with a combination of online and on-campus learning.

Find out more, and how to apply

You can find out more about the B.Ed. (Secondary) teaching areas at JCU via the Course Handbook (click on the ‘Handbook’ drop-down menu).

Refer to the ‘Pathways to JCU’ drop-down menu if you are not a recent school-leaver.

School-leavers can apply via QTAC (‘How to apply’ drop-down menu).

Direct entry to the B.Ed. is also available with a Cert. III in Education Support (course pre-requisites still apply).

See also: Applicants with Vocational Education and Training (VET) Study.

If you have specific questions about the new teaching areas, email: Louisa.Tomas@jcu.edu.au